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Specialists in the sale of wood fuels and the development
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Forest Fuels Depots

Wood Fuels division

AMP's wholly owned subsidiary Forest Fuels sells high quality wood chip and wood pellet to end customers throughout the UK.

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Projects Division

AMP develops biomass boiler and biomass CHP systems for a wide range of applications and customers. AMP is also active in developing and sourcing project finance for stand-by power generation facilities which aim to balance the transmission grid at times of peak demand.

Stand-by Power Generation (coming soon)

AMP have a demonstrable track record of 48 commercial biomass installations with £12.4m spent to date. We have £10m cash to be deployed by 31 March 2017 with more following to offer cash back for existing commercial biomass boilers as well as completely new biomass boiler installations. By taking up one of AMP's Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO's), you simply pay for the heat on the meter. We operate the boiler for you, take all of the risk and hassle away from you and either fund it or give you a cash injection to spend as you wish.

Fully Funded Biomass Boiler

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