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AMP develops, finances and installs biomass boiler systems for a wide range of applications and customers.

Biomass boiler systems are ideally suited for large energy users who are not connected to the national gas grid, and are currently reliant on expensive heating oil or LPG for the provision of heat.

AMP have a demonstrable track record of 48 commercial biomass installations with £12.4m spent to date. We have £10m cash to be deployed during 2017 with more following to offer cash back for existing commercial biomass boilers as well as completely new biomass boiler installations. By taking up one of AMP’s Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO’s), you simply pay for the heat on the meter. We operate the boiler for you, take all of the risk and hassle away from you and either fund it or give you a cash injection to spend as you wish.

Key Benefits to you:

AMP's services include:

Preliminary Feasibility Analysis

AMP's experts will look at your specific site and energy requirements, assessing the financial case for biomass, and recommend the most appropriate type of system to suit your energy requirements.

Planning, Design and Installation

AMP's in house team will deal with obtaining any planning consent required. Our design and installation partners are amongst the most experienced in the UK with over 700 commercial installations completed. This attention to detail ensures your system is the best design for your building.


AMP offers a range of financing options designed to facilitate immediate savings from your installation.

Project Timescales and Supervision

A timetable will be agreed with you, and AMP's team will supervise and monitor progress to ensure deadlines are met.


AMP and its installation partners insure that the installation is fully insured and any civil work required is undertaken by qualified engineering partners with appropriate insurance cover and warranties.

Operation and Maintenance

AMP monitors all installations by sophisticated remote monitoring software. and will undertake regular scheduled maintenance to ensure continued reliable operation of your system.

Back office support

AMP deals with the complex process of accreditation for the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, and will also produce billing and reporting to meet our agreed service level standards.

Fuel Supply

AMP will ensure a continuous and secure, supply of biomass fuel to your system. Our remote monitoring of fuel levels enables us to replenish automatically. AMP offers a range of fuel supply contracts. including options that provide long term pricing stability.

Quality standards

AMP's partners are all carefully chosen and meet all applicable standards for biomass systems. ensuring a durable and reliable installation.


AMP will install the wood chip boiler, fuel store and all ancillary equipment which is normally connected to your existing heating system which continues to provide heat for peak load periods.

The biomass system is fully automated; the boiler ignites automatically and draws wood chip from the store as heat is demanded by the building heating controls. Ash is removed from the boiler by an auger system into a collection bin, which is periodically emptied, normally monthly during peak heating periods.

Remote sensors on the fuel store detect when the wood chip needs replenishing and AMP automatically arranges for a wood chip delivery. AMP is an accredited wood fuel supplier, ensuring all wood chip supplied to your site is from sustainable sources and of the highest quality, ensuring the reliable operation of the system.


Some locations may not be suited to installing a wood chip boiler, and at these locations wood pellet boilers can present a good solution. Wood pellets are made to a consistent quality standard, and have a high energy density reducing the storage required, and making transportation of pellets economically viable over longer distances.

For further information, please contact:

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Managing Director

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