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AMP’s wood fuel business is Forest Fuels, the UK’s leading supplier of wood pellet and wood chip fuel.

The AMP group includes Forest Fuels the UK’s premier supplier of biomass fuel. All depots process local timber for local boilers thus minimising our carbon emissions footprint through fewer transport miles and ensuring that local economies benefit from the employment and income we generate.

Forest Fuels supply high quality wood pellets in both blown and bagged deliveries

Forest Fuel LorryThe pellets are high quality 6mm pellets to ENplus A1 specification. They are manufactured from 100% virgin timber, all of which is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands. We deliver in 6 or 8 wheel bulk blowing delivery lorries with drivers specifically trained in the delivery of wood pellets.
We are also able to supply other grades of pellets. These can be cheaper, and a viable option particularly for larger boilers.
Wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced dry sawdust which is compressed under high pressure. This combination of low moisture content, typically 8-10%, and high density means that wood pellets are a particularly high energy fuel: even higher than wood in its natural form.
Their high density also means that wood pellets require less storage space than wood chip and are particularly suited to smaller biomass boilers.
Wood pellets are only as good as the standard to which they are manufactured. Poor quality pellets can disintegrate into sawdust and cause problems in your biomass boiler or fuel store and may have lower energy density and higher levels of contaminants.

Forest Fuel DepotsForest Fuels supply high quality wood chip

Wood chip is produced to BS EN ISO 17225-4 and all Woodsure Plus accredited.
Moisture content is critically important in getting the optimum performance from the wood fuel in your biomass boiler. Forest Fuels has its own drying facilities spread throughout the country to enable delivery of the right wood fuel with the right moisture content for your particular biomass boiler’s needs. You can find out more by clicking here to visit the Forest Fuels website.

Fuel Supply Contracts

Forest Fuels offers fuel supply contracts that guarantee quantities and qualities of wood pellet for fuel which are tailored to meet their customers’ needs. A long term contract provides the opportunity for planning and has the benefit of ensuring a secure supply at the most advantageous price.
Typical supply options include:

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